Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tin man and biscuits

Dear Tin man,
When you go to the Wizard
be careful what you ask for.
When you reach the emerald city
consider what your one wish will be.

Choose your words with wisdom
and do not fail to ponder long and hard.
For what it is that you will receive
is much more than you may think.

A heart is a mighty thing, it's true
but though having one allows such joys
it can make be torn in pieces too.
There is no wizard's remedy for the pain of
love that is lost.
Time alone it seems
will stitch the torn fabric of our hopes and dreams
and place a neatly sewn badge across
the tapestry of our days, marking the place
where we fell, again, but managed to get up
and walk along with our friends
on the journey of life.


Ten large biscuits now lie where once was a single Eucalyptus log
next to the newly cut discs lies a carpet of the most fragrant sawdust
and then when it snowed, all were blanketed in the purest white
I am more ready for winter than I ever have been ( mentally)
and as poor a church mouse. No worries about overspending at Christmas here.
My gifts if I can arrange them will be chickens or ducks for the poor
through Christian children's fund.
we all have so much and there is so little we really need.
Thank God for His generosity.
Thank you for your friendship and kind words here to encourage me at this challenging time of year.

Biscuit= one slice 12 to 14 inches thick of a log about 36 inches across and weighs 180lbs or more

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Snaggle Tooth said...

What? You're not feverishly fashioning crafty gifts for everyone?
I want to, but I've been too sick all week- now no time!