Saturday, December 06, 2008

ratting myself out

not so much because I am cheap
nor just because dollars are tight
( both of which are true)
it was more my adventuresome side
and a dash of rebellion against the national forest service
mixed with the joy of a pre dawn walk in the woods that
sent me to the
ONLY unauthorized YOU CUT Christmas tree lot
for the early bird special.
Sometime before 6am I went off the main road
and began to cut some fir limbs for decorating my mom's house
( they smell SO good) and then I saw the cutest little tree
( actually it was the top of a larger tree)
and i lopped it off with my shears
and took it home
to be decorated

Now i feel bad...
that I did not get two while I was there.... hehe


Tawcan said...

Hey I thought I'm the only one! :p

You should post a pic of your xmas tree. :)

Here via Tanya.

Chris said...

Yes, do post a picture of the cutest little tree. We want to see.

Snaggle Tooth said...

tsk, tsk!
Well, at least you didn't kill a whole tree-
I used to freebe cut in the woods- but now I just light up the deck trees n don't bring one in.

Enjoy your tree!

Amrita said...

Good for you David, now for a picture.