Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i just had the nicest talk with my massage therapist friend, about so many things, after an impromptu plumbing call out, when I was able to make the tub drain. It was good to talk, and to be of service to a friend in her new home. Later this week I am getting my sore muscles worked on, that will be good. Today we worked hard on the paint job ( an old client's cabin) and late in the afternoon i put in a few hours slapping siding on more tree house walls.

There are many wonderful things happening all at once and my life is a bit of a blur. I have started a distributorship with an exciting product which may have some benefits for my mom's stiffness and pain. I will let you know how that goes, and how you can preview that product.

I went out on the lake Sunday night, alone on the boat, powering my way around the lake at 25 mph, making waves and enjoying the sounds and sights of power boating. it was good in a male, testosterone, gas powered way. It felt good to let the wind blow the stresses if the day right out of my brain. Thank God for my friend who lets me use the boat.
Thank you Lord for the lake and the mountains I think camping is next.

God bless you all, and thanks for the prayers


Chris said...

Just reading your post leaves me feeling calm and peaceful, such a strange feeling for me these past 3 weeks. So, thank you for that! And I'm still waiting, as I'm sure others are, for pics of the tree house! LOL. Have a wonderful week.

KayMac said...

Tree House? Intriguing. I once saw a "Grass House". I couldn't stop myself...I went and knocked and the owner was nice enough to let me in and tell me about his house. He house is literally covered in grass...complete w/ lawn chairs on top. (built into the earth, obviously) but exceptional, he said for insulation.