Friday, August 15, 2008

1000 words

i figure I owe you some descriptive words

a house
almost round
similar to some of the smaller floor plans on
it is suspended between four or five medium trees
on just four beams ( for now) on top of the beams is a system of floor joists covered with 5/8 inch plywood (my subfloor)
Boring so far. when I could see most of the floor I started drawing the lines of the exterior walls
i had a roof plan in mind and sketched it several times
when I put together the first wall, and stood it in place, I knew it was all over but the shouting.
I have eight walls, ALmost an octagon, four of them are solid siding 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall
the window walls (3) are each unique and the free windows are the reason that the project finally came together.
it is so fun to design around current materials, free stuff, and the bargain lumber that I can ( barely) afford.

it needs to blend in with the oak trees, so the exterior will be shades of green, maybe with some sort of camo pattern.
in the winter it will just STICK OUT like a house stuck up in a tree.
how big is it?
its 11 feet from the center post to the perimeter walls or 22 feet across, nine feet off fthe ground, and eleven feet tall at the center. the roof looks like a giant market umbrella or parasol. the entry is 6 foot wide french doors ( or freedom doors) and the windows are WOOD, casement windows, with beautiful hardware,

If you viewed it as a pie chart (from above), one third of it is dedicated to my sleeping/bath rooms, and the other two thirds is the kitchen, dining,living room.

I am happy with the construction so far, more so than my attempt to describe it. Maybe Chris will come by in a couple weeks and take a tour, then she can post pictures for me. Or MAYBE i will just BUY internet again so I can post them. in the meantime, I am too crazy/busy, which these days is good.

I have to thank my patient family and beautiful friends who support me in this venture.
without love, my life would mean nothing.

its friday night, i had anice dinner out with my mom and my son,
now I need to go have some fun.
thanks for reading and using your imagination.


barbie2be said...

your tree house sounds interesting. i would love to see the pictures!

michele sent me.

Chris said...

Oh bummer! We're not going now. Owen is too afraid to travel after what happened and he's afraid that if anything happened to him up there he would have to be air-lifted again. I know he would be fine, but try convincing an 8 yr. old of that. However, we DO plan on going up hopefully in the fall and I will most definitely photograph it for you! The kids would think it's the coolest thing ever. Me, too!

Chris said...

Oh! I forgot to say, it sounds 'superbly awesome'!! I totally can see it my mind!

craziequeen said...

Reading this I can smell the newsawn wood and hear the gentle wind through the trees......

Can I live here?


Snaggle Tooth said...

It might turn out better than my apt!
Sounds great. Camo paint sounds like a good idea.
In our town it'd prob take a year to get a Building permit for a structure like that.

Bob-kat said...

That sounds like a wonderful place. Can we have pictures please?