Friday, August 01, 2008

5 3 ats me!

I will be older tomorrow, the second of August, and I am glad to report, wiser as well.
I am as happy as I can ever remember being, as filled with awe and wonder as a child, as aware of my unique place in the universe as I ever have been.
It has taken so much to be here, I must thank my family and good friends, and my therapist, Susan, who tells me weekly to be aware of and less critical of myself.
I thank my good clients for the business and making the newest dream a soon reality. I even thank the no pay, slow pay clients for teaching me valuable lessons. I have no lack, I eat well, sleep like a baby, am deeply loved and widely respected.
and I am building the COOLEST thing I have ever attempted! Todays design improvement is the solar water heater ( and roof supports for it) and todays "Lumber Yard Steal" is 30 pieces of 2x6 inch redwood 14 foot long for ( you will not believe this) $90 plus tax. I just about cried. retail on ONE piece is $21.00 heheheheheh

the internet cafe allows no pix uploads but I will do some later.


Minerva said...

And a very happy birthday to you from me..
All is wonderful here in Blighty and it sounds pretty good on Sugarloaf too...

Take care of yourself, David,


Mike said...

Happy Birthday! Also congrats as it sounds like you have your life right where you want it to be.

Michele sent me

kenju said...

Happy Birthday, David!! You deserve a great birthday and I hope you have it.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to You! My daughter is 14 today, as well. Great day to be born! :)
Hope it is a wonderful one, my friend :)

Bob-kat said...

Congratulations! It sounsd like you have been on one hell of a journey and come out the other side. Good on you :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Life is amazing! Especially yours- Thanks for sharing it here.

Congrats on another year!