Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oak tree trimming

Dr. Stihl and I went up a tree Monday afternoon.
it was so good to be up
where the view is long
and you can't think about anything but the next step,
the next cut, how it will fall.
Holding on is important.
good footing is a must when you are far above the top of your 30 foot ladder.

Ground observer's speak wisdom: " where is your harness or rope?"
My heart is pumped by just the thought that I MUST stay on this branch.
I have work to do, and I feel confident.
I thrive on feelings others do not wish to experience.
I live at a high altitude, but sometimes it is not high enough
so I add a few feet between myself and the ground
and cut. Gripping tight, feeling with my feet,
balancing myself (only, for a change)
in my dance with gravity.
Bringing down the dead wood from healthy trees
I preserve, protect and defend.
The tree does not love me and I do not love it.
It needs what I have and I need what it has.
we get along. It is a good thing.


Catherine said...

I used to love climbing trees when I was younger - no dr Stihl though, instead I climbed pine trees with a hammer and a basket on a rope to collect pine cones for the fire :)
Michele sent me over so I could reminisce a little

Carmi said...

I admire your courage. It takes a special kind of person to relate to the land as you do. I'm content to walk along the ground and look around. Definitely not as inspiring as this.

Good to e-see you again from Michele's, David. I've missed your vibe this week.