Friday, January 18, 2008

Climbing, to get above the fray

back to the trees
on a COLD Friday afternoon
to see what sort of burnables
Dr. Stihl and I can bring to earth.

Other than that
my life is skidding sideways
and the steering is out.

When I think of pain
and how little I have experienced
next to the great pain of others
I thank my God
for keeping my from harm
and making me strong.

Do go visit Minerva, please
she had some more tests today.


Sara said...

Hello, David, Michele sent me to say hello and that I hope your week-end and the up coming week will be good for you.

~Easy said...

Hi. Michele sent me. I stopped by and gave Minerva some good wishes as well

Thumper said...

Hiya from Michele's! Wasn't Minerva's news the best? Twas awesome, for sure :)

Minerva said...

How can I thank you for all your support and love to me over the past few years?
Only to say thank you seems such a small reward, and yet, it also means so much.

Thank you David, you have been a blessing to me,