Monday, November 12, 2007

a very special day ( at the races)

Today is spent with Dr. Mangler ( or the 26 ton Log splitter) as he likes me to call him.
A dozen large rounds of Eucalyptus are waiting to be dissected so they can be ready fuel in December /January. It's a nasty, down in the dirt day, but I do love the results. The pain is exquisite and the body WILL know who is boss. Sheer determination and strength of will ( and your prayers please) make this match a bit one sided. The Log rounds are large, heavy and sometimes stubborn, but they do not run fast. I have coffee, red bull and my new friend, Tiger Balm". If I were betting, I would pick me to win, the rental yard to show with about $90 in winnings, and the place to be full of burnable pieces of sweet smelling 'Euc' by dark.

I am so glad that my friend (can't use her real name, due to idiot who stalks her ) is blogging again.
V is the first letter of her blog name
comes in the middle
( come to think of it, it rhymes with Konika)
she is a dear mom, valiant warrior in the battle for the next generation, and recently a student again. I am so proud of you, and so glad that you manage to keep us up to date with your beautiful family. So glad you chose life, and that Jesus dwells in you through his Holy Spirit.
It does make all the difference, doesn't it ?
Writing from the heart, with all the passion and pain of being a parent.
email me for the link, as she can't have just anyone knowing her whereabouts.

Off to make big wood smaller and help keep mom and myself, and my sweetie warmer through our ( very mild) california mountain winters.


Bob-kat said...

Good luck with your day with Mr Mangler. I am sure the Tiger Balm will come in useful! It sounds like very satisfying work though.

Thanks,a s ever, for stopping by my blog. I agree wholeheartedly, we must never let the world forget the sacrifice men and woman have made in war for us.

Jennifer said...

I was under the impression that you were taking a day off today. If this is your idea of a day off, I'm embarrassed for you to know that I am spending today mostly in the bed, again. I don't know how you do it!

angel said...

oh what is it with stalkers!!?!
i do hope your day was a good.

David said...

oh yeah, I rock! woo hoo
100 deep knee bends, 500 squats, lifting about a ton of wood, watching Dr. Mangler rip thru the toughest twisty grain. and best of all, I got to work with my best friend Gary, for the first time in over a year. He volunteered to help me, and did a great job running the hydraulic controls for the splitter. No pics of the enormous woodpile yet

Shirley Buxton said...

David, on the off-chance you find yourself with too much wood for your storage place, I hereby give you permission to drop it off at our house in Crestline!

Hope the bod survives such labor.

David said...

i do love Crestline, but not enough to drag my wood there.
( nice try )

Carmi said...

Your strength - of both mind and body - amazes me. There's virtue in hard work, and you write so powerfully about it.

kenju said...

Tiger Balm? Maybe I'll try that for my feet, after 10 straight days of work wchich start the day after Thanksgiving. I'll feel like I've been splitting wood after that!

Barbara said...


I see you're still working hard. Regarding our mutual friend, I'm happy she's able to blog again.