Thursday, September 20, 2007


I am amazed at God.
( shows how dense I can be )
I am glad for His healing power, gracious love
and tender mercies.
I can not imagine what my life was before him
( but I do have a few pictures, hehe)
It is appropriate that I say a few words, to Him, here.

Lord, thank you for the way the light comes in this morning
and reminds me of the gathering of your people which is to come.
Thank you that when I walk in the dark, through an unlit room
it shows what life is like without you; no reference points.
When I am sad or confused, your spirit rises up within me
and brings clarity, hope and joy.
The friends I have are true, the family I am part of is pure gold,
my children are gifts from you, to love and encourage for a short season,
and then I stand back and watch, in awe, as they do exceedingly abundantly
more than I could have ever done. ( but I will still try to keep up with them)
Lord, you have given this man so much more than I expected, and more than I deserved.
Thank you for all of that, and for your love, as well, displayed in your own son.


Terry said...

Just beautiful David!!....from Terry

Jennifer said...

Beautiful....Amen :)

Jayleigh said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing, David!

Snaggle Tooth said...

There's nothing like the morning sunlight to help remind us of the wonderful gifts the creator has bestowed upon us.

Great prayer!

Shirley Buxton said...

David, that prayer is beautiful. Touched me tremendously.

Shirley Buxton