Friday, September 21, 2007

first freeze warning

It is time to bring in some of the vegetabe plants that are in pots,
and to say good bye to the ones that are not able to be covered.

I have a fire in the wood stove, and soup on the stove
right here at the end of September.

My mom is doing alright,
but is cold, so I have to make sure she has a fire each day and night
until Indian summer gets here.
The wild fire is almost out. No homes ere lost.
Hopefully a bit of snow/ rain should take care of the last hot spots.
you readers? I love that you visit here, Thanks!


colleen said...

Oh No! I hope this won't apply here for a while. I still have red peppers to harvest and flowers that want to be noticed.

Barbara said...

Keep your mom warm David!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me...Well, I hope the cold doesn't last ... and that Indian Summer will be upon you in a day or so. Do keep warm in between...and take care of your mom...

phoenix said...

I am glad that you are doing well David. I have missed reading you and feeling the light that pours from your words.

Terry said...

Good morning David!
We are still having summer here in Southern Ontario and you know what?
The leaves are still mostly green.
Hmmm...It would surely be nice if winter forgets to come calling, eh?
We live in town but the guy next door has a wood stove and he has been putting it on the last couple of weeks and I am telling you...There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire! So nice!!..from Terry

PS I just came down from Minerva's.
I sure hope and pray that her PET Scan came out well.
It is her birthday tomorrow..

Jennifer said...

It's that cold there already? Wow! We have about another month to go here...I think. I am dreading it and looking forward to it all at once. I love dressing in layers and eating hot foods...but hate being cold!

Dara said...

We have been having some cold evenings and nights, which I love, but today was 90 and humid - ack! Soup always sounds good to me, whatever the weather. Hello from Michele's!

kenju said...

I can't believe it is that cool where you are already! Today we had 90* with high humidity. Last week was glorious here, but the heat and dampness has returned! Top bad we can't combine the 2 areas and even them both out, huh?
Michele said to come see you!

craziequeen said...

Hey david. Your house sounds lovely and cosy already.

It's been a mostly cold and miserable summer, so a cold and miserable winter won't come as too much of a surprise here in England.

There's something nice at the Palace for you :-)


craziequeen said...

I came back to say, it's already getting dark here in England. It's September and it's only 6pm!!
Winter is definitely on it's way!



.:mar said...

It's still warm over here, David, but I love the thought of a fire and soup on the stove.
Michele sent me this time to wish you a happy and warm Sunday!

Star said...

Michele sent me. The weather here feels more like summer than fall.

carli said...

Oh, man, I wish I had a little of that weather here. Well, maybe not THAT cold. But it's still in the eighties here. It's fall! Where's my breeze?

Here from Michele.

PI said...

Thanks for your visit David. I clicked on your name but had to come via Michele's. Hope all is going well with you and Mother. Take care.

angel said...

i'm glad your mom's doing okay, we're in summer here, and i miss winter!

colleen said...

I have no idea where I mentioned the trying to pass the camper and getting run off the road but it did happen! And I am alright.

Soon after the camper pulled over at an overlook so I sort of think he didn't do it on purpose.

colleen said...

PS Oh, I just remembered where I mentioned the camper! I guess my morning caffeine is kicking in.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Keep up the warm thougths! We're having 80 degree summer right now at the end of Sept... strange it is- no complaints down to 70 tonight-'cause I missed the summer-

You're so far away, but you're right here! (You're fun to visit)

Reflekshins said...

cheers to your mum and the warmth o