Saturday, August 04, 2007

posting out of habit

off to a concert in the park
and yet another birthday celebration for me.

Today's "difficult to digest" news :


( lots of bad words deleted)

happy to be alive
even though life is less challenging for the room temperature crowd.


Carmi said...

Life isn't less challenging for the room temperature crowd: it's non-existent!

Glad to see you continuing to look at the positive despite the curves being tossed your way. You inspire us in the process.

Dropped in from Michele's tonight. Coincidentally, just got back from a concert in the park!

Jennifer said...

MUST MOVE IN 26 DAYS?? What a bombshell...that would be unwelcome news to me, too. I'm sorry :( ((HUGS)) Where you gonna go?

David said...


kenju said...

When was your birthday, David? I hope it was a good one!

You have to move? I hope you find a better spot to land in next, and keep us posted.

Michele sent me.

Shane said...

tennesee. heh heh (why did I know that Jennifer would be from Tennessee).

May your move be painless.