Friday, August 03, 2007

I ate too much and lived to tell,

here are 52 things:

side lighting marigolds is the best, how does God do that every day!

back lighting new oak leaves makes them appear liquid

skin is the most amazing sensory organ, even my typing fingers agree.

wood is the most abundant of construction materials other than mud
( a nod to the elbonian engineers)

I have not three, but at least six saws.

when I want disgusting heat and crowds they are only an hours drive away

blogging in your underwear is over-rated. Too confining

I survived my birthday dinner with only minor swelling

it was swell

when was the last time you used 'swell' as an adjective?

birds are my last pet, until i get more zoo space

seems silly to have caged birds when the wild ones come right up to the window

when I took the time I could handle my pet birds, so I guess there is a difference

you can have a break, I think you are halfway through.....

back already? good!

if you understand light, please explainit to me, I am in wonderment

why did the young scrub jay hop right up to me yesterday and allow mw to talk to it?

flowers have no time to complain, they are busy being naturally beautiful

I missed my dentist appt. yesterday, I was 11 days early, hehe

any one left out there who doubts my insanity?

for those two I will go on:

I work with electric circuits HOT because there is NOthING like 110v scampering across your skin.
I taught my sons to do the same, as I must leave weird legacies

(more because you soak up this stuff :-)

the hum of a computer fan draws me like a moth to a flame

i still have no prescription, which means i am still blogging.

If I get "well" and stop blogging is that a cure that I can tolerate?

number 1 son has fixed my computer, it is only 5 hours away.

that means I could be back in time for more of michele's meet-n-greet.

i am almost tolerating a laptop's different keyboard

but I think I still like the one that sits on a desk

could you imagine me with a portable computer?

tomorrow is a big day for a good friend's family

clear cool weather in August would be nice for an outdoor event

I really need more work time and less "down time"

who EVER says THAT?????

i also could use a lottery win

I have more plans than HGTV..... hehe

I am going to a "progressive dinner" at our church tonight

I hope that is not what they now call "Liberal dinners"

I will eat conservatively, no matter what

enough about me, lets talk about my pets:

Mango is a love bird with no spouse

Beautiful is half of two parakeets I received from my good friends

the other parakeet did not make it

I do not mourn lost birds, or hamsters

I still miss my cat Patches

and double that my dog, Chipper

( evening break)

more later - as access permits

for now I am able to post, and read YOU ( if you comment)

shalom is the perfect word, it says it all


Carmi said...

I don't think you can ever eat too much, David. I have always enjoyed your reflections on life. I think the world would be better off if more of us followed a similar path.

Dropped by from Michele's this a.m., but I'll be back on my own for the rest of this list.

jel said...

hey dave was going to send ya a card but didn't know that you would get it? ya know we share the same birthday :)

Mr. Althouse said...

This is a one of the best "about me" lists I have ever read. Thank you for that.

Michele sent me,


Chris said...

The list is perfect and is so "you". Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!

Jennifer said...

You're a scream, friend. Blogging in your underwear is too confining? You'd hate how I do BLUE JEANS...

tracey said...


aka_Monty said...

"skin is the most amazing sensory organ, even my typing fingers agree"

My typing fingers agree with you as well.
What a fabulous list of goodies!!!
Thanks for sharing that. :)

Hello, Michele sent me!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

David...the great GREAT writer Colette said...."Ahhh to be 52 again....!

I say "ditto" to that....From my vantage point....52 seems like a dear sweet 'baby'....It didn't seem that way at the time...BUT, I never forgot what Colette said! And now, I say..."AH TO BE 52, AGAIN"

Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Jayleigh said...

:-) Glad you're happy and doing well!

mar said...

Peace is my middle name, David.
(It truly is!)

angel said...

that was such a cool post, thank you!