Tuesday, August 28, 2007

let there be Colors!

You white walls, beware!
The mismatched paint shelf at Lowes was fully stocked so I got a sweet SAGE GREEN,
a peachy color, and some off white thing, to spruce up the new place
AND a bout 2 dozen picture frames for my photos, which will be on display ASAP.

all this and working too

must be the drug..... see here

and I have new teeth
and Hot coffee and toast, and a loaner laptop until my new internet connection happens.

OH! the joys of Thrift store shopping, when you really need a whole houseful of stuff,
I am on cloud nine.


Jayleigh said...

David it's good to see you happy and at peace.

The photo was lovely, by the way.

Rock on!

Barbara said...

Congratulations David. Drugs are a wonderful thing.

Shane said...

nothing like a shopping spree

Chris said...

Wow...it sounds like you're having a good time! You sound....grounded; centered. Good for you. The desert was nice and hot and humid, but San Diego sounds cool and I'm looking forward to that, too. I thought of you when I was watching all those thunder heads grow and grow over those mountains. Get any rain?

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me back - so I'm reading some of your older posts...Love Sage green - as a matter of fact the house I moved from had sage green in the kitchen.

Colors are nice - and shopping sprees are fun!

What catalog did you have the cover for??? Inquiring minds want to know...

angel said...

it even sounds like cloud 9! have fun- just make sure you get some sleep too!

angel said...

my damien is also on concerta- it works like a charm for him!