Thursday, August 30, 2007

internet On ( sort of )

service is ON at the new house
but I have not got the router to my machine yet.
but I am working so much it does not matter

Please chat amongst yourselves, or read archives until sanity returns...


craziequeen said...

[pours coffee]

so.......sage green, peach and off-white......

[sips coffee]

And I see you have lots of nice picture frames....I guess they're going to show off some of your wonderful photos......?

[sips coffee again]

This little house of yours is gonna be lovely, just lovely - keep the coffee brewing, my dear :-)


David said...

yes CQ just this AM i was fooling with the new MAt cutter, and framing some of the8x10's I just had printed

I am going to COVER the walls with beauty and color, sunsets and sunrises. and my beautiful children's faces.

I will host UK visitors any time, grand tour of the mountains included of course.

Anonymous said...

alrighty then. I hope all is sane again in a timely manner.

michele sent me to say hi

BreadBox said...

I'm having similar problems getting my wireless router to talk to my new laptop.... very frustrating and annoying. I think that I am going to have to spend the entire long weekend fixing it!
Oh, and making some bread too.
Michele sent me!

archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Aw, the pain and suffering of getting your internet working. How everything gets back to normal soon.

mar said...

busy, busy David...

Bob-kat said...

Just read back through the last few posts. Sounds like you've been very busy and I bet it looks great once you're done. Good luck!