Friday, July 06, 2007

it was a good time

Good food,
cold drinks
huge explosions
reflected in our own lake

Hand held shot 1.6 seconds
I am a rock.... NoT!
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Leanne said...

Nice shot! The wiggly ones are so fun! :D

PI said...

I'm guessing this was the 4th of July celebration and that is a giant firework and you had maybe had the odd libation or three?
Michele says hi!

Carmi said...

I like the sense of motion in this shot. I tried to capture fireworks on New Year's Eve. I was also handholding, and had a heck of a time keeping everything stable for the inevitably long exposures.

My solution in the end was to shoot so many images that at least one of them was bound to come out. The law of's not elegant, but it sorta works.

David said...

three was the official count, Pat.
All American Budweiser. yum

David said...

btw: that was my Canon A540;
a favorite pocket pal that does amazing things. It even makes me see MORE as I walk around my mountains.