Friday, June 29, 2007

this is my life

Friday night
and I have NO reason to complain

more accurately:
I have at least seven reasons to rejoice.
to wit:
I wake each day smiling at the rising sun in a near perfect natural world.
I find deep restful sleep each night, free from anxiety, worry, or fear.
I have trusting, caring, helpful family and friends that make my life a breeze.
I have enough unfinished projects to last me until Jesus returns.
My mom makes good progress on healing her back and regaining her mobility with the help of lasers ( read about it here) She uses less pain medication every day.
Though life is a steep mountain, I am in no hurry to climb to the summit, and am enjoying going round it in distracted circles, seeing what wildflowers I can collect on my way up.
My daughter has her drivers license and I THINK she may actually know how to use it.
----------------- and it is the weekend------
maybe I will paddle my canoe on the lake


Live, Love, Laugh said...

awesome! thanks for stopping by, haven't seen u around in awhile

Jennifer said...

Hush about the canoe on the lake! I'm jealous!
And I'm glad you have plenty of work to keep you long as you still post :)