Wednesday, June 27, 2007

oww! wow! and show!

I know i messed the rhyme

Ow my finger hurts after being smashed by my sawzall

wow, gouramis in the tank where mom goes for her pain treatments

show of old dried seeds pods the lake where I walk most Saturdays with my good friend.
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Jennifer said...

OUCH!! Good thing, though, apparently you can still type? ;)

Brigitte said...

OWEEEE!! That looks SO painful. All my kids have done that at some point.

R. Sherman said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my journal.

I love the Daughter Dating Rules Post. Mine will turn 16 in a couple of weeks. She knows that any suitor needs to be informed of at least one thing:

I own firearms.

Of course, I've always maintained that God punished me with a beautiful, smart witty daughter because I didn't listen to Him a lot when I was in college. Thus, the amount of my worry will be directly proportional to the amount of my prior misbehavior.



Carmi said...

I hope your pain has subsided, David. I felt pain just seeing the picture.

To follow up Jennifer's comment, Dragon Naturally Speaking might work in a pinch if you find the typing becomes onerous.

Be well, my friend.