Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am drinking it black, today

in solidarity with my friend from Michigan,
(go there to read the best letter, "toughest love")
I am enjoying coffee the way God made it,
BLACK and strong

I am trying hard not to complain
about the few bumps in my life's road as I
see the others around me who are struggling with much more.

Thank you God that I have some work again.
that it is real close to mom's house so I can be checking in on her is a real bonus,
that it is a redwood deck is just about heaven!
Thank you, God, that we are on the way to real pain relief for her,
through the hands of an angel named Lisa, and the power of red light
applied to her lower back. ( yum this coffee is good!)

Thank you that my friends and family understand me even when I don't.
Thank you God for Fred Thompson, if "he is the man" make it very clear to see, early on.
Get the overfed pew sitters up on their feet to bring this country around to a healthier stronger place. We may actually have to fight a war someday, it would be good to have some strong prayer warriors, and precinct walkers.


Jayleigh said...

Ah my friend. You are a good man.

Thanks for the nod. And for the black coffee. I had to get some tonight when we were at Tim Horton's. Yum. It's delish with doughnut holes.

btw you're a good son.

gautami said...

I am glad I found your blog via Michele's. I enjoyed reading this. I will be back.

Oh! A hello from me and Michele!

kenju said...

I drink it black everyday, David! I hope your mom will be pain-free soon.

panthergirl said...

As you know, we're on opposite ends of the political and religious spectra. AND, I drink my coffee very light with Sweet 'n Low.

But I love ya anyway... which is what makes the world go 'round.

Go Hillary! (I'd actually be backing Obama if I thought he had the experience, but unfortunately....I don't.)

Here via michele.

Bob-kat said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the info on massage.

I hope your mom feels better soon too.

David said...

oooo PG, you are a talented blogger, and you leave me such good opportunities. How does Mrs. Clinton have more experience than Obama?
I am for her nomination, as I see it assuring a Republican victory.