Tuesday, June 12, 2007

cooking: teaching this old dog new tricks

I learned how to peel and section a grapefruit from this talented woman, Giada De Laurentiis.

it was so easy, even with my drool bib in place, to see exactly how she worked the blade just under the skin and the cut out each section so that there was no skin.

I think I may watch the show "Everyday Italian" again.
Her smile and joy in the kitchen are contagious.

I also could use new recipes for eggplant, as I have three of them in the garden, along with cucumber, tomatoes ( 4) plenty of lettuce, beans and peas. It is going to be a fabulous summer.



Chris said...

You sure it's just her 'smile and joy' in the kitchen that got you? I just read a letter to a magazine (forgot which one)from a woman who said she's sick of Giada because she wears such low cut shirts to cook in and obviously she's selling more than a cooking show. Well, duh! You think?? LOL

Jennifer said...

I love Giada, and have one of her cookbooks. I love her smile...she makes me smile, too! :)

David said...

you are onto something, Chris, I will have to watch more carefully next show ( 3 hours and 37 minutes) to see if she is in fact wearing something low cut.... hehe

David said...

fervently paying the prayer of Jabez