Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gangland wars - and books

We struck hard at the gang invading our "turf"
we took out one of their big players...
theme from the Godfather begins to play in background.

when you see them coming at you you gotta hit 'em
and hit 'em hard, So we killed off their grandmother.
and then to show 'em we meant business,
we dumped her by the side of the road
for the coyotes to eat.
Now this morning they hit back,
and we lost one of our best killers.
but he went down fighting.
(violin music)
"Rest in peace steel spring Gopher trap.
we will fight on
and if when we are digging up the whole front yard, we come across your rusty remains
we will pick you up, oil you and put you right back in the fight.
you did good buddy ( oh and the coyote says thanks!)


On a serious note:
I like my books
maybe too much
I hate to part with them
but I love getting something in return
so I signed up with Bookins
where I trade in my books by shipping them to new owners, and get credits I redeem for a new batch of readables, Yay, take a look - I am featuring it all weekend.
maybe I will take a picture of Book Mountain, "the stuff I hope to one day read"

God bless you each and every one.


Jennifer said...

I have a Book Mountain too...and did you bury the grandmother under a layer of concrete? You could get away with that, you know ;)!
I hope you're having a great week...(hugs)

yemi said...

wow, what a great idea this book swapping thing. If you buy a lot of books, then what better way to make new space for new ones than swap the old out?

Thanks for the info.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds like you were taking "CaddyShack" lessons from Bill Murray...
I only have one unread book, n the steep cliff is Read-book-wall.