Saturday, April 07, 2007

Poor Jimmy!

One of my favorite singer/ entertainers, Jimmy Buffett,
is selling his boat, Chill, a 42 foot Hinckley.
I fear he is having a hard time with the payments,
what do you think?
I will bet it has to do with Napster like site stealing all his
great music and giving it away to others.
So if you have $875,000 can you help this brother out?
Click on boat name for pictures, sailor should bring a bib for drooling into.
( I am guessing it was too big, he might be downsizing)


Linda said...

ummm...yeah...if I had $875,000...I don't think I'd be spending it on that boat.

Not that it isn't nice, or anything, but I'd be more interested in buying an actual house in the overpriced market that is Manhattan, KS - smack dab in the middle of OZ, for crying out loud. That and not a whole heck of a lot of water 'round here!

Michele sent me tonight!

God Bless!

Paul Sveda said...

If I had half that, well, I'd hope I'd do a lot more with it then buy stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.



OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Jimmy Buffitt has a lot of diversifactions going, doesn't he? Amazing.

That's quite a boat and that's quite a price, too! (lol)

Happy Easter David!

Thumper said...

Poor Jimmy. He should start a Save My Boat website. It worked for Screech, didn't it...?

Here via Michele's tonight :)