Thursday, April 05, 2007


Amazon dot com
leave me alone.
I can not buy any more of your yummy books
til I have consumed the six I just bought.

(I can't hear you...)

Bye for now,
off to the post office to pick up my latest orders, muahhahaahaha


craziequeen said...


say after me:

My name is david and I am a biblioholic.....


David said...

i won't i WON'T I WON'T!!!

David said...

how funny, i just got an email from amazon, pitching a new book. Who would have thought they would have time to read my blog?

Mike said...

I know what it is like to have a stack of books on a "to read list"
You tell yourself to not add any more but then something new comes out and you just have to add it to the list.

Michele sent me.

kenju said...

CQ, that's funny! David I know just what you mean. I have a bookcase (3 shelves) full of books I haven't read yet, and still I buy MORE! Michele sent me. Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I have a huge stack to wade through myself, and the new Harry Potter one will be out in a couple months, so I have to get crackin'...