Sunday, March 18, 2007

Radio Messiah

on Sunday morning, I listen to the Jesus Christ show
on KFI online.
at first I thought, "No way this guy should say he is Jesus!"

I got over it, I even called in two times.

its a good program, it helps people.
and it deals out bible truth in a way that is applicable.
its 6 to 9 am Pacific.
try it some Sunday, before or after church.

Bless you, thank you for praying for me.
My life progresses toward something that makes more sense, even to me.


PI said...

Just visiting David from Michele's. Just to say there is life after divorce - sometimes it is for the best. I was divorced 27 years ago and most of that time with the love of my family and my husband have been happy. Prayer does help. Best wishes to you.

craziequeen said...

Hi David, I came to see you after seeing your comment on Michele M&G.

How kind of you to say those lovely things, I am quite touched :-)

Oh, and I'm with Pat. There is definitely life, love (and wonderful women) after divorce.


Bob-kat said...

Anything that helps people has to be a good thing!

I am going through the whole divorce thing too. I have been separated from my husband for a year or so now and am moving on. I even have a new boyfriend. It is hard to make sense of it all. I still don't have the answers and some of the issues still hurt a lot. You probably know this already but time is a great healer and the support of people around you is important :-)

Bob-kat said...

oops - forgot to say I am here from Michele's!

craziequeen said...

Hey david, I'm back at Big Bear Lake to say - excellent taste, dude! Wild Hogs is WAY up high on my Must See List.....

John Travolta and William Macy get my vote every time......

cq :-)

btw - finally got around to adding you to my blogroll, friend :-)

David said...

william h macy shows his acting talent and his entire rear end!
John Travolta did a great job.