Thursday, March 15, 2007

not so good

not BAD either,
but I am just getting hemmed in
and feeling less free.
as that happens I need to resist
the urge to run or the temptation to collapse
( not in a literal sense)
I have stuff to do ( like all of you)
I just need to do my stuff
and not worry to much about stuff that is beyond my jurisdiction.

I liked a joke Jay Leno told last night
Something about the eight federal prosecutors getting fired.
He said you know its really bad ( for the Bush administration)
when people ( the press, democrats) take the side of the lawyers
and are sympathetic to them. I only liked two lawyers in my whole life
and one of them was my brother.

God bless you all, praying for you, as I post this.
ps. my right little finger hurts, almost all the time. not sure why??


Jennifer said...

I'm glad to see you post...I have been worried about you. I am in the same situation you are...feeling the need to run away right now, but being bound by responsibilities. If I had the money and a babysitter I would be on a plane somewhere right now...I so need a break (and medication just takes the edge doesn't fix things). I will pray for you...if you will continue to pray for me!! (((HUGS))) Please don't go so long without posting...I tend to miss ya :)

Chelle A. said...

Hi David,

Just visiting via Michele's!

Yeah, I've been in the "not so good, not so bad" state of being. Kinda like an emotional limbo.

Thank goodness spring is here, the good old outdoors and sunshine do wonders for my spirit! I'll be praying that it will do the same for yours!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Beware the Ides of March!
Hey, one of my Bro's is a lawyer, too! He's been good to me-

I need time for my stuff, too! Too many single days off here chock full of errrands n chores-

We need more fun time! I want time to paint pics n play violin awhile, but day off is gone again! Relaxing would be nifty, too! This is as close as I get to it!

You know I've been mentioning you by name in prayers daily, n appreciate yours for me, thanks!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I guess you may have arthritis inflamation in the finger there-

I have it which flairs up in cool, damp weather. Looks like snow tommorrow, my hands are telling me-

Deana said...

Sorry your little finger hurts! That would be a bummer.

Happy Friday from Michele's...nice to visit with you again!

Vid Digger said...

It's just amazing how far things have fallen, but I'm still optimistic that things will turn for the better. With all the pressure coming down, someone might eat that one pretzel that will do him in!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, David!

MissMeliss said...

Here from Michele's. Sorry it's not been a great week, but I liked your blank verse entry format.

Carmi said...

I'll be praying for you too, David. You're a good soul who brings kindness and empathy to so many: you deserve happiness and health.

David said...

thank you jennifer- and thank you all for being so kind and caring -
Good news! my finger is quickly back to normal, I worked it hard today lifting (cement ) cinder blocks, and digging ( a hole to bury a dog)
and i feel good, tmo I am climbing a large juniper to remove a large limb, Yaaahhhoooooooo! Dr. Stihl

Paul said...

Good Saturday morning to you. I stopped by from Michele's. You've got a nice blog.