Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i actually wrote this:

this was my end of the year letter from 2005
- i was a bit depressed then,

but still made it fun, and funny.
read if you dare!

Happy new year wishes to you
( and you and you and you!)

i'm glad to have made it through '05,
my fiftieth year on the planet.

increasingly it seems a place I am not comfortable with,
a foreign land
filled with thorny plants,
and gritty sand blown into my face by hot

dry winds.
( dude, this happy new year letter is a drag!
I know I know!)

I have lost a lot,my mind was the big one.
my faith remains, but hangs a bit,
not the sail filled with wind that

used to power me across the seas fo change.
it is more worn, and less
well trimmed as
I have not been watching where the wind was
coming from
nor was I really caring about
using the rudder to get me anywhere.

( please do no use the weary sailor on the
drifting boat analogy - that
is too sad! Ok )

Starting again:

Yello friends and neighbors!
I read the news today - OH BOY!
pensions are going bust!
children are being murdered by their caretakers
they ones who are lucky enough to get
an ATV for Christmas will

probably be crushed to death by it.
corruption is rampant.
volunteerism is down.
celebrities are worthless brainless twits!

No wonder I am in a crappy mood
not two or three but almost 5 hours waiting
for a wheel alignment
that proved nearly fatal
to my back pocket and next weeks earnings too

and there is a rain storm headed our way
just send me a cloud wig to wear on my head,
so I can
enjoy maximal gloominess

and the ACLU threatened the Redlands city council
with a lawsuit if they
did not take the cross
off the police officers shoulder patch, and the

weak spined city council did just that.

maybe Fresno state will win big Saturday
in the liberty bowl and lift
my sagging
spirits. Maybe my lotto numbers will match
up, finally.
maybe pigs will fly,
making a pizza with Canadian bacon self delivering.

From the depths, to you on the surface,
send more air!

in the mountains

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been here. '05 was my last week off- Seems you've gone a long way from here!
Looks like they sent more air, too!