Friday, March 02, 2007

how I spent my week

just hanging out with my bird friends, ( in Oceanside)
Eating good seafood,
Mixing it up.
so to speak
Doing something HARD
and rewarding
making lots of mess
and putting another
400 miles on the

You know what? I am having the time of my life! Notes: i just liked the shapes and colors, the seagulls caught my eye first. second pic - poured concrete floor - in process, design will be enhanced by stain to be applied later.


Joe said...

You have a wonderful way of seeing beauty where it is not expected.

Good job!

David said...

i have several people to credit Joe, for my interesting way of seeing:
My father, may he rest in peace, was an architect and very willingly described his love of the visual arts. I also want to thank Carmi, of WrittenInc, a taker a wonderful pictures, and a instructor also, who has helped me see the beauty of taking bits and pieces and composing art from them, digitally. I also thank my loving children who gifted me beyond expectation this Christmas with a Canon A540.

PI said...

Funny the things that make us happy. I have spent the day blogging , doing chores and raking leaves off the steps which then had to be carried to the bin so my back is aching but the sun is out and I'm happy! You asked us to visit Minerva but I can't find her url. I'll look over at Michele's who sent me BTW.

PI said...

OK Found it on your side-bar.

colleen said...

Hi David, I always laugh at my husband who actually has fun when he works. I've never been much of laborer myself. My calluses are ink stained ones.

About your comment on LL: Are you comfortable knowing how to get "The Jim and Dan Stories" via my the paypal on my website? My address is also there for direct orders.

I agree that Carmi has been very inspiring as to the subject matter of my lens. I've had more fun this past year taking photos than ever before. Something about sharng them via the blog gives me incentive to shoot. Seagulls were recently a main feature for me as well.

Jennifer said...

OCEANSIDE?? *whines* I'm SO jealous...I LOVE Oceanside!! I went to San Diego with my sister-in-law a few years ago and my nephew took us to Oceanside. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack and walked on the pier and watched the surfers. I didn't want to go home again. I love everything California...I would move there in a heartbeat...

Minerva said...

I love the curve of the roof with the silhouettes of the seagulls...


Barbara said...

Nice picture David, that's a really cool building. I like hanging with the birds too. I think it's great that you love hard work, not enough people like that around.

Veda said...

The concrete looks blocked out, as though a patch? Hard work is so rewarding, especially when it's for oneself. Kudos!

Here from Michele's.