Thursday, February 08, 2007

day two of what's new

I got ONE comment all of yesterday.
Was there an international holiday I was not aware of?
Is there a shortage of virtual ink?
Is google being a tryrant and not letting you comment?
If problems, email me, and I will take it up with Mr. Google himself.

My dentist is a combination genius and hun ( as in Attilla)
my mouth progresses to health, my lip is hamburger.
I bought a few goodies at the Salvation Army and Goodwill
while i was awaiting my turn in the chair.
Southern Calif is such a great place to live, I will miss it when I flee to some place where the inhabitants speak a foreign language because it's the custom.
( I am thinking Fargo, ehh Marge?)


Jennifer said...

Ya mean we're supposed to comment? ;)

jel said...

hey David,
sorry it took me so long to visit!

thank you for visting my blog!

hope your mouth is better!

take care :)

David said...

jennifer - you are a quick study!

Jel, i was not thinking of any ONE individual, just seemed too slow yesterday.

blogger behaves for me... for now

Melli said...

Is that like ONE comment on ALL 4 blogs??? Or ONE comment on this here blog? Cuz I only have one blog - and SOME days I'm grateful for ONE comment! But if you have 4 blogs, and you post to them all (do ya post to them all?) then one would just be pitiful... and I would be thinking about contacting SOMEbody! Of course, maybe we should all just join hands and pray for comments for you and I'm sure that God will put that at the TOP of his priority list... oh look! He already DID - cuz now you have at least FOUR comments today! YAY! As my friend Daisy says ... God IS good - all the time!

Thanks for stopping by! I did not get COAL in my stocking! I had a HOLE in my stocking (rhymes with coal) and everybody's gifts fell out... I got nuttin'!

verniciousknids said...

Hope your hamburger lip improves soon!

Michele says hello.

Jennifer said...

I'll send ya the floor plan when he sends us his bid. You want I should try to work some cobbler into the e-mail somehow? :D It sure is good...

mar said...

I switched only a few days ago...
gotta meet my dentist, he is a hun, as in hon... :)

Jodes said...

sorry, i will come over more often. have a great weekend.