Wednesday, January 03, 2007

todays mission

take the hurting dog to the vet
diagnosis: torn ACL, no fix without surgery
no pain, but the dog is using its right leg ( which ACL tore two years ago) for hopping around - up and down stairs. Sad when we get old, I am N OT looking forward to it

and that's MY mountain- at sunset. Posted by Picasa


Barbara said...

Poor puppy. Your sunset is beautiful David.

David said...

its my mom's dog 12 years old - can't hear, probably can't see much, Pees really well though! UGGHhhh

Carol said...

Aaaahhh the sadness of growing old....your dog looks a beauty...our previuos dog lived to well over 16, our latest well, she is a pug and gets into all sorts of mischief and sometimes I don't hink she will make it to the next day with her naughtiness..:)

A big Happy New Year to you David

Snaggle Tooth said...

Beagles are long-lived for canines. Poor Mom! I'm sure it hurts her more than him- I hope her best pal can hobble on for a while yet-

His name isin't "Puddles" is it?

Awareness said...

Hi David.

Michele sent me!! :)

I love beagles. They were the dog of choice when I was growing up.

Princess said...

Cute dog! Beagle? I have one too!

Beautiful sunset!!

Here from Micheles btw :P

Princess said...

Oops. Did i write sunset? If not, thats what i meant :P

Jodes said...

adorable dog!!! great pics, I cannot wait to be back up there.

Sonia said...

Your dog looks adorable! I agree with Carol, the sadness of growing old.... Your mountain at sunset is just gorgeous!

Happy 2007!

(I found you, Clark Gable, through Here in the Hills!)

Catherine said...

Aaah, but with people we can listen to doctor's recommendations, do the right exercises and so on to promote healing.
Happy New Year. Michele sent me.

Joe said...

I identify with the dog.

God bless you, my friend.