Saturday, January 06, 2007

a bit of me **

I am currently WILD about:
reading three or more books at once
writing in my notebook
the new reality ( no show)
enjoying my role in my family of origin
digital camera operation ( i'm no photographer)
using wisdom to guide my children through the maze of life
driving on ice

** there is a hazard of writing about self, as people don't tolerate much of this.
hence this post is short. I am interested in what you are wild about, at this moment.
I am sure I left out much, but that will give me something to write about in the future.

ps Minerva has an updated post on her blog. ---->


Bob-kat said...

Hi. I'm wild about learning to use my new dSLR camera. And travelling. And learning. There's a whole world out there to experience!

Here from Michele's.

colleen said...

I'm wild about taking photos of the sunset and moorise. I'm wild about writing and playing Scrabble. I'm wild about Joe and my sons. I'm meeting and greeting. Did I mention Michele?

Sarangeti said...

Thanks for visiting me via Michele. (The first person didn't even bother to comment...)

Great place you have here! I hope dog is going to be ok...

Catherine said...

I'm wild about my family history, and my trip to the UK later this year to learn more about it. I'm wild about the hills and the seaside, and my poetry group, and my new digital camera.
Hi from me and Michele.

Biff Spiffy said...

Howdy! You sent me, thanks for visiting!

We have a Sugarloaf Mountain in Michigan, but it's just a little ski hill. And, with all of our snow so far happening 6 weeks ago, it's nut much for that either.

Wild about paying attention to my life and my family. Just started blogging a month ago, and having an utter blast with it. Making friends, making a positive difference, and thriving. Recently into reading again, I had a 5-year dry stretch. I'm making up for it in earnest.

Anonymous said...

I'm wild about old tractors and the hills of West Virginia...Though I've been across I-80 through Reno and San Fransisco in a tractor-trailer 30 times or more.Nice blog! Have a good one!

panthergirl said...

I'm wild about knitting, my kids, my dog, and someone else who shall remain nameless right now. ;)

Here via michele tonight!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks David, for coming by...I don't know who the Budhist commenter is...I'll have to check that out!

Right now, I am WILD about this delicious dark chocolate from
Sinfully good, Itell you! (lol)

Carol said...

Hi, David...hmmm difficult question, I guess I am wild about making the most of each day..just to feeling healthy and waiting for any surprise which comes my way...

I am into so many things, taking photos, family history, scrapbooking...and poetry.

Carmi said...

"i'm no photographer"
I beg to differ. Humbly, of course. Looking forward to more of your images.

"there is a hazard of writing about self, as people don't tolerate much of this."
I find what you have to say about yourself eminently fascinating. Don't stop sharing pieces of yourself simply because some folks may not have the ability to appreciate the view.

Sassy Blonde Girl said...

I'm wild about finding a job and getting my life back on track. Thanks for visiting.

Sandy said...

Hey David, I'm wild about...eating and sleeping. Sad, huh

Anonymous said...

How do you keep up with more than three books at once?!

JD's Rose said...

Okey dokey. Sorry about the Blahtest thing. No idea what happened there!

mar said...

I am still wild about skiing, couldn't get enough. I am wild about learning how to design my own template and wild about my next vacation!
Have a happy day :)

Jodes said...

glad to see Minerva is still fighting!!!! happy Monday

utenzi said...

I share your enthusiasm for cooking, David. I've been playing with beef this week--which is unusual for me. I usually work with pork and chicken.

Michele sent me over. Enjoy that snowfall!

Anna said...

I am wild about photography, music and traveling throughout the world...oh yeah, and I am wild about Hershey's chocolate!

I really like your from Carmi's site.