Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Need coffee

Pardon me for neglecting my posting duties.
I was defrosting
and now that it is warmer ( yay!) I have secured a short term job
(2 weeks) that if done well could yield more work
INDOORS, where it is warm.
BUT the unvented natural Gas heater
( supposed to be safe)
may be giving me a headache.
I think todau I will take soem fire wood with me and see if the boss minds if I load up the woodstove that is sitting in the corner of the room, sulking.
If you have never seen a woodstove sulk, count your blessings, it is not a pretty sight.


Barbara said...

Good luck getting warm. I hope they appreciate you there.

Spookie the Warrior said...

You'd better use it before it has a tantrum!!
Glad it's warmed up a weeeeee bit.

Jodes said...

i bet the gas heater is giving you headaches. consider another option and get your money back on that one.

jel said...

I have and it's not a purty sight :)

stay warm!