Saturday, January 20, 2007


old oak teachers desk
with paper and metal lath on top
just starting on the forms that will hold the concrete in.
as the concrete cures this week I will fix the drawers and paint the wood
Do you think the base should be lighter or darker than the top?
Top is going to be just a tad lighter than table below, w polished, semi gloss finish.

If you have not been to Michele's weekend meet-n-greet, go There now, tell em david sent you.

If you want to study American History, go here anytime.
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PI said...

Here again. Sorry I confused you with Karen. Must get new glasses!
Via Michelle.

craziequeen said...

hey david....lighter or darker? Good question; I think lighter :-)

But then, it's your desk.... :-)

Checked out your kitchen surface photo.

Michele sent me :-)

David said...

actually - i am going to display it, ONE, to show off the top, and maybe
Two, to sell it

so waht better to show off the top AND get it sold
( no I am not shipping it to you in Nigeria Mrs. Abacha!)

Bob-kat said...

I think the desk should be darker than the concrete to show it off better but then it's your desk as CQ says.

Told you I would come back for a look even if Michele did send me :-)

Barbara said...

Lighter sounds like a good idea for the table top.

The history link didn;t work for me.

surcie said...

I agree--lighter. I'm curious to see how it'll turn out.

Anonymous said...

Here from Michele's.

Well, if there is concrete on the top, and it is unstained, then perhaps darker for a bit of contrast. But, like everyone else says, it's your desk :-)

indigo said...

Hello David...thanks for stopping by. I'll stop by to see how this project ends. It'd be interesting to see a light/dark contrast between the top and bottom. I'd make it quite extreme. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh, and since I said I would do this over at Michele's, I have to say "good night!" before you go to bed...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Not sure I understand wqhere the concrete goes...! Hmmmmmm.
And as far as light and others have said, it's your desk. Yoiu decide what pleases you.

BTW: People have been paying for their stars for over 25 years....And of course the price keeps going up and yes, it is now $15,000. But I know someone who was told that the Walk Of Fame Committe wanted to Honor him back qite a few years, and then he was told it would cost HIM $3,000. He refused the star at that time--and said "Thank you, but no thank you". Then, years later he paid $10,000. Something is wrong with this picture. But "paying" is not a new thing, David...not at all.

margalit said...

I'd go darker with concrete. But that's just me.

Here via michele

Mr. Althouse said...

I think lighter, but then again, I can't even coordinate my own clothes!

From Michele's via Sugarloaf,


Carol said...

Hi, David, I like darker timber...but not sure about what you are you make the top concrete???

kenju said...

I used to have an old oak desk like that and I really wish I still had it. I think the top should be lighter than the bottom.
Michele sent me.

Jodes said...

hello. depends on where it will go and what you prefer...I say light.

Jayleigh said...

can't wait to see the after!!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

A good display piece can generate many new projects!

Carol said...

I see you are keeping busy!