Monday, January 29, 2007

how strange

this weekend I could not access my own 'dashboard' or moderate comments unless I upgraded to the NEW blogger, of which I have heard mixed reviews ( right Kenju?).
I resisted and procrastinated ( those are two of my best character traits).

This morning I seem to have access, go figure!
Seems it was an idle threat.
I will press the publish button now,
and if this blog does not self destruct,
you will know what your mission is
Find Mr. Google and make him give me the one exception.
I don't need no stinking upgrades!

I do need a new Motherboard for my pc though.
anyone want to lend a pentium 4 1.6 Ghz motherboard to the cause of blogging
( and shopping at amazon)?


Have a wonderful day, and do pray for our friend Minerva
as she continues her Chemo.


angel said...

i switched a while ago... and i haven't reeeaaaallllyyy had any major hassles!

Barbara said...

Oh my, I wonder what Google will do with recalcitrants.

Jennifer said...

Sure, come back all you want...I love company! :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I don't wanna either... n will fight tooth n nail not to! I know html language used on old Blogger- not the new language "Beta" yet.

Different code to format the page is all it is-
Some things just don't translate well, I guess!

Let's hope they don't force us!

Killired said...

i havent made the switch yet... i refuse... i've heard too many bad things nad i'm just not ready to make that leap!