Friday, January 26, 2007

Fried egg friday

( its just a title, it has no meaning)

Last night I worked until 10:30 -- and then read until after midnight.
Each day I split my work so as to preserve some sort of spinal health.
Taping drywall gets boring after you have covered all the edge metal and the "bad spots"
Ok, taping drywall gets boring after the first ten minutes... ( am I right, Carl?)

I really like the house I am working on, it will be fabulous when finished
( because of me ) and I think that I gave an acurate guesstimate of the number of days it would take to get the drywall taped, and textured. There are a lot of "small" areas that will need a lot of masking before I can bring in the compressor, and the texture gun.
For now I am healthy, and after this week I will make an appointment for a deluxe 1 hour massage.
Just the thought of that will keep me going for quite a while.
I miss the old days when I could soak in the hot tub after the eveniing news. well I miss a lot of things - - - here is a short list

I miss:
my daughter being tiny so I could carry her inside my jacket on walks in the snow.

having a group of friends my own age and "socializing"

I miss my hair being full

I miss feeling close to God

and ...
I miss, my computer, which is in the shop, again.

What do you miss about YOUR good old days?


donna said...

I miss long talks with my mom....and laughing with my dad..somedays I miss the quaint little town I grew up in...evenings walking along the shores of the lakes and rivers...which then makes me miss the ocean...

I miss colorado and the many days of sunshine and mountains and friends my age.... but you already knew that..

I posted some new pictures of VeraLynn...snuggly warm in her snowsuit....

Keeping you in my prayers, my dear.
God is near.

kenju said...

God is always close, David. Your list is kind of sad.

I miss my mom and dad and my grandmother.

Michele sent me tonight.

BarBarA said...

I miss my son sitting on my lap every night as we read books, and praying together before bed.

I miss my size 12 jeans.

I miss my dad.

I miss having a boyfriend.

Jayleigh said...


Drywall is the pits.

Read Warfare Journals to see an awesome prayer about not feeling close to God right now.


Be blessed!

panthergirl said...

Sometimes I miss my kids being that small, but there are so many things that are great about them being older too.

What do I miss? Hmm... right now I miss SUMMER!!


Here via michele... I skipped you accidentally so I wanted to make sure I came to visit.

Carmi said...

I miss sitting on my grandfather's knee and listening to his stories, his deep voice resonating through my every bone. I miss that feeling of being unconditionally loved, that the world stopped when I showed up at his apartment. I miss my grandmother practically mauling me with hugs and kisses when I walked in the door, so happy was she to see me.

And because I miss these things, I do my best to share these feeling with my own kids.

Bob-kat said...

I miss people I have known who have passed away or who I have lost touch with.

That massage sounds good :-)

Here from Michele's

Karen said...

Thx for stopping by my blog. You can find those great designs

kenju said...'re Mr. Google, are ya'? Well, what gives? I'm so frustrated I'm about to chuck it all and start over.

Snaggle Tooth said...

As I sit here alone n bored silly, I miss the certainty of a Saturday night party filled with music, dancing, fun conversation, n many friendly people to hang out with. Always somewhere to go-

Of course, I don't go out drinking anymore!

PI said...

I miss my Mum and Dad and the rest who have gone ahead.
I miss the 6pm feed when nothing in the world exists except my baby and me.
I miss going for long walks with my husband and travelling abroad.
Nevertheless I feel blessed and happy.
Michelle sent me.

Raggedy said...

It would be a long list. But when I read your post it reminded me of Orville. He told me once don't guesstimate, measure twice, cut once. We did tin work together among many other things.
Have a wonderful day!

Barbara said...

I miss having all my dreams still having the possibility of coming true.

David said...

i can't publish any more comments unless I upgrade
I am hesitant

I am leary

I am going to take a nap....

angel said...

my waist... my toes...