Sunday, November 19, 2006

which is RIGHT for me?

This blog post is Brought to you by Dinkel Acker, Premium German Beer for those of you not on anti-depressants. When you are done with a hard day of splitting wood, nothing washes down the sawdust like a Dinkle Acker!

For those who self medicate, Dr, Stihl recommends NOT using Dinkle Acker and your chainsaw at the same time!

What is on my woodstove:
a new feature of a book I am reading.

Back by popular demand after Almost winning the state of florida in 2000
your candidate to save the country from all its ills including George Bush..... PAtrick J. Buchanan

and his superb offering...
Where the Right Went Wrong!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

Good history lessons and what we should learn from the failed foreign policies of previous empires, and previous administrations..
He has good points ( and no, not all on the top of his head)
I read it in the tub last night, and it was quite relaxing!
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Jean-Luc Picard said...

I can't recall seeing that product!

Michele sent me here.

Carmi said...

Hi David. To answer your question on Michele's, you're not losing your mid at all. I think we could all use a cold one - of what, I suppose, is entirely up to us - after a particularly difficult day in the salt mines.

It's nice to share with others, and I'm very glad to see you doing just that.

Moogirl said...

Where the right went wrong - it's a really BIG book, isn't it?

Sneakin' in from Michele's...

kenju said...

Buchanan? No, thanks. I will take a berr, though!

Michele sent me.

angel said...

i tried a black label on friday after our teambuilding canopy tour- and it gave me such heartburn! i was SO disappointed!