Tuesday, November 21, 2006

missing: two gopher traps

this is my ADD moment from two weeks ago that tells more about God
and His divine plan than "telling on" me.

I was only there to see the ambulance drive by because of luck, or was it?
(Impulse control for ADD 'enjoyers' is a really trick thing, or we have none.)

I was at the corner, sitting in my car, as I often do, waiting. I am never too sure what I am waiting for, sometimes I am waiting for the clock to run out, so I can go home. I like my home. I like my own space. I like it quiet. The humming of my computer right now is just about right. The kettle is on downstairs - I must go make coffee and finish this in a few minutes. It is 5:20 am I have been awake for hours.
*slurp* mmmmm

I was at the corner, because I was frustrated at not finding the two gopher traps that I KNEW were in the back of my car/truck ( brand name withheld). I had looked and found a tunnel where I could set one of the traps. I was not supposed to be setting traps, I was supposed to be doing a carpentry job, but the gopher holes bothered me, a lot, and had for some time, so I was going to snag them, and pull them out and show them who was smarter.
I could not find the traps I knew were there. I decided to have a beer for lunch, and maybe a burrito, certainly a sweet snack to wash it all down with. The beer was to compensate for my lack of gopher catching equipment and to make the carpentry go better. One beer would be fine. I made it to the store just around 2 pm on a Monday, with very little done yet that I could call "work".
I heard the sirens, and when I heard them, I began to pray for the person in need of assistance. This is my usual response, and easy to do. When the paramedic truck/ambulance went by, I knew I had to follow it to be sure it was not going to my mom's house. It went four blocks and turned left.
I was relieved. I went four blocks and turned left.
The ambulance was in front of Gary's house!

This is how it goes some days, and you know what? I am glad that I do not have a 'normal life'.
I probably never will, but God uses me still to minister to the needs of some people, despite the fact that I am disorganized and inconsistent. I think He may be able to get through to me, often BECAUSE I am so disconnected from the noise of the modern world. I would not wish this condition on you, or anyone, but it would be gift, if I could let you walk a day in my shoes.

Walk a day in my shoes, and you may end up spending parts of the next three days hovering near your friend and his lovely wife, in a hospital room, acting like no one else in the whole building, because you are not like anyone else in the whole building, and you KNOW IT!

-------- update ------ this story will be continued - and yes Gary is doing well, Thank all of you for your prayers! I am well, unless you ask someone REALLY close to me.


jel said...

is Gary, going to be ok,
are you ok?

Carmi said...

You are a cherished friend, David. Gary and his wife are in my prayers. As are you.

angel said...

thank you david! and thank you again for showing me adhd from a grownups point of view! i wish i could get my son to sit still and read you too...