Saturday, November 11, 2006


What a difference a week makes
yay for prescription medicine!

Good news is:
thursday and friday I got some hours in at work
Some of what i did was very quality stuff
and I felt good about only letting three days get away
( though days you spend with your best friend are never lost)
Friday night, Hannah and I moved some furniture for mom,
and lowered the bed to make it easier for her to get in and out of
( before, she had to run and jump in!)

I ate mom's yummy chili, maybe ate too much

Took Hannah to the high school parking lot for her first ever time behind the wheel driving, (she has always been an excellent back seat driver)
Heated up a bowl of clam chowder
Ate homemade apple pie.
woke at 3 am with rumbling tummy
have been at the computer since 4:00
Note to self: Less chili next time!

I think I will make pancakes for my breakfast

Today is the fourth day of treating my depression and ADD symtoms with wellbutrin SR, and the day we start 'Hannah's Music School Fund' at the credit union.

brought to you by the genius who created wellbutrin


Mitey Mite said...

I tried this before, and Blogger was being bad (surprise, surprise!)
Let's see if it will work now.

donna said...

wow!!! reading through all your posts....I think the only thing you forgot to disclose was when you went to the bathroom...

Mary and Gary have what many pray/wish they could have....their need and love does not have to go beyond themselves...or extend to the opinions/advice of others... marriages might last longer if honor replaced selfishness in relationships.....I pray for that..i do

hope you enjoyed your pancakes...they were highlighted !!

Shane said...

had a hearty laugh on "she has always been a very good back seat driver."

Barbara said...

David - I'm glad the drugs are agreeing with you. I hope they do what you want them to do.

I hope Hannah learns to be a good driver so you don't have to worry about her.

jel said...

Morning Dave ,

hope you are feeling better!

and to much chill can be a gas!:)

blessings Friend

Carol said...

whoa...I missed coming for a day and look at all you have written you have been busy...pancakes yummy..I make the best pancakes..well, so my family tell me.. I hope you enjoyed me an idea for tomorrows breakfast..

Carol said...

this is a message for Donna..for some reason I just cannot leave any comments at your blog..

Moogie said...

Oooh, this post made me hungry. :) I'd like to talk to you about Welbutrin and what you think of it. via Micheles! Have a wonderful evening!

barbie2be said...

glad the wellbutrin is working for you.

michele sent me.

Killired said...

i'm a little behind on commenting... i've been busy working and posting for nablopomo. thanks for visiting me during the contest! glad to hear the drug is working wonders for you!