Saturday, November 11, 2006

on the day of the Election ( forever known as the tuesday of cowardly conservatives)
I started off early and hopeful ( stupid me, I should have stayed in bed!)

6:00 am heading for the shower, so that I look human for my day in the dental chair
6:39 in the car, headed over the summit at 8400 feet and then down to the land of unending autos and noise and sprawl. The city. Where dreams go to die.
8:10 I am getting numbed up for my first ever filling with my student dentist
( here is a riddle: who( in their right mind) borrows a quarter mill to end up looking inside mouths all day, for the next twenty years? Answer: I have no idea!!!!

10:45 reassured that we are almost done with this filling, i try to relax in a chair made for midgets, and with my mouth and face full of hardware, and sense that the student is anything but relaxed as the Voice announces " students: your restoration must be graded by 11:30. "

11:26 My student has his restoration graded ( three teacher dentist say that I have the finest repair of a really deep cavity that they have ever seen) We get an A! I am sore.
My face feels like an old rubber mask. I will not eat for a while.

1:15 I drop into the Hospital to see how Gary and Mary have faired. They are looking good. Gary is beginning to come out of the blankness that four seizures has left him with. I stick around for a while and then go somewhere, I forget where. Mary stays by his side like he is her baby, they are a joy to behold in their devotion to one another. I have found something quite rare, and beautiful.

3:15 I am at my doctors office making my case for why I need Wellbutrin
4:00 In the pharmacy gladly trading 4 twenties and a fiver for 60 magic beans.
4:07 I eat one magic bean and the plant begins to germinate and I know that overnight it will climb, with me riding the branches, to the clouds where the giant is holding the singing harp captive.
6:30pm I drive Mary home so she can eat something, tend to the parakeets, and get whatever she needs for the night. She will stay with Gary in his room to keep him from wandering the halls or making the one nurses shift impossible.
7:15 I am almost done waiting through the line to vote.

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