Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What would Carmi shoot?

Bang bang or click click
I love the grey and blue
then the contrast of soft floating clouds
and a hard steel turbine, cutting through the endless sky.
Its still a marvel to me: Flying! Posted by Picasa


Uisce said...

I have to tell you, jet engines are one of my favorite subjects for pictures... I guess I just love the thought of being in a plane and flying!

Carol said...

What I love about flying is looking out the window and becoming mesmerised by the clouds, they completely fascinate me...even when I was a small child..a very long time ago..I would imagine being on them jumping from cloud to cloud,not falling through them, feeling safe...

Tracie said...

I love this picture. There is nothing like flying and looking out the window and seeing the tops of the clouds.

Here via Michele.

Snaggle Tooth said...

The pic does reek of a "Carmi effect"

Carmi said...

You are all TOO nice!

Truth be told, this is EXACTLY what I would shoot. As I read David's entry and your comments, I could almost feel myself sitting in a plane doing and thinking precisely the same thing.

I always ask for a window seat. I always sit there, camera in hand, and ponder the magic of where I am. To not capture it in some way would be a travesty.

Love this shot, both for the technical goodness of its capture, and for the way it makes me feel.

Thanks so much...this is lovely!

David said...

Carmi, you made my day!

Killired said...

hey hey... i should trademark my 'WWCP: WHAT WOULD CARMI PHOTOGRAPH' that i came up with a while fact, i should create a new meme, shouldn't i?