Thursday, October 12, 2006

Time away

hey friends, I am taking a long weekend.
Many thanks to the family and friends for watching over mom. ( Hannah and my mom in pic)
somewhat random pictures:
Roses in my front yard, Aspens quaking thru the color change; Bug killing machine; Me on the road; a house I built.
I just found the collage feature on picasa


carli said...

glad your ma is feeling better.
is that a bug zapper? It's cool looking.
Michele sent me. I wish she'd send me to bed. It's like 2:27 where I am. I'm going to pay for this in the morning.

227 was an awesome show, though.

caramaena said...

What a cool collage. Hope your mum's doing well.

Hello from Michele's.

Moogie said...'s great to hear your mom is doing better! I love this collage thing. I may have to go check it out.

Michele sent me!

mar said...

Nice collage, David!

jel said...

that is cool,

glad your mom is doing better,

have a good and safe weekend !

Carol said...

Pleased to hear your mum is doing better,my prayers to both of you I think I said in a previous post I know what you are going through with sick parents..and I just love Picasa it is a favourite program of mine..It turns the most ordinary Picture into something magic..

Spookie the Warrior said...

Those are really great pictures! And how awesome to be able to say "a house I built". I think I would like to be able to say that one day too.