Friday, October 06, 2006

The Dr. Stihl show

"Thank you for calling Dr. Stihl, you are on the air."

uh, Hi Dr. Stihl, I have this friend who has a problem

" could you have your friend come to the phone?"

he's kinda shy

"well, that can be a problem, Does he own a chainsaw?


"Tell him to gas it up and go for an afternoon in the woods, he won't have time to think about his problems and he will have some firewood at the end of the day.

Thanks, Dr. Stihl, I knew you would have something to help my friend.
"Next caller, Burt, you are on the air, How may I help you?"

Ah, Dr. Stihl, My wife left me with nothing but a pile of bills and a broken heart, I was hoping you could play a song that would bring her back home.

"Burt, you called the wrong show, we don't do dedications, here.
Have you looked in the tool shed, Burt? Did she take the chainsaw?"

well, funny you mention that Doc, there is that and my snowblower, I guess they would not fit in the moving van.

"Listen good, friend. There is no song so sweet as the screaming of a two cycle engine ripping through a couple hundred board feet of loblolly pine. You go cut up some good sized caber tossing logs and heave those around the yard til you forget all about her"

-=-=-=-=-=-=-==--=-==-=--=- Dr. Stihl theme song =-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-==-=-



byHisgracealone said...

i cant wait for the continuations are a kick!!!

bless you

TNChick said...

a guy with problems who had a chainsaw - likely not good. lol

jel said...

is your friend felling better?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Well, we're gettin down to the low 40's here this night- n I won't even turn the heat on...

Prego said...

you either just got a new toy or watched that chainsaw massacre movie.

here via michele today.

colleen said...

My husband relates. Maybe I should have him call. The sound of the chainsaw is a warm winter to my ears! I'm meetin and greetin via michele.

-E said...

What do I do without a chainsaw?

Michele sent me.

Paige said...

Funny my SIL will be over tomorrow with the chain saw.
Hi, here by way of Michele's

Carmi said...

Funny how I read this just as our first frost warning of the year was posted.

Coincidence? I think not. More like fate.

Stay warm, my friend.