Monday, September 04, 2006

i have so little to write

but really enjoy hearing from you
so its your turn:
What is the best thing in your world today?


kenju said...

The best thing(s) in my world today? That I got to see my daughter this weekend, that I got taken out to dinner, and that now -I get to blog all evening - or as long as I want.

Michele sent me tonight, David.

Carmi said...

I get to enjoy the last day of the summer holiday with my wife and kids.

Killired said...

allergy medicine is the best thing goin for me right now... cause if i didn't have it, i would be rubbing my eyeballs out of my head and sneezing like the 7 dwarf sneezy!

horrible ragweed allergy... ya got that up in your parts? it's horrible here this time of the year!

Tracie said...

A relaxing day with my husband and daughter.

Michele says hi!

Sicilian said...

The best thing in my world today is cool air and rain. . . it has been so long that we have not had any rain. Could you update us on your son.

David said...

Sicilian,thanks for asking
its confusing to him, I guess that two tests have ruled out malaria, but not indicated what he has picked up ( bug wise) I am not "on him" about it, but I expect to hear from him by tuesday after he sees the doc again. My sister wants them to look for menengitis.
I am trusting, and praying a lot, from this far away, its what i do a lot.

odat said...

I'm grateful for some cool breezes on my face....a day off from work...friends, family....and another day to start all over again.


byHisgracealone said...
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Rygel said...

rain pushed the humidity away :)

Mrs. Joseph said...

I thought you would like to know that I viewed your blog. The best thing about my day -- I don't think it's happened yet as I am still waiting for my family to come home from school/work.