Saturday, September 02, 2006


Sausage, biscuits, coffee
and prayer
I'm so happy
I really am
I have good relationships within my family
I am very healthy, though over-taxing my body on these firewood days
I am strong as an Ox
(some would say stubborn as a mule)
I am getting so much from church, and bible study.
I have hope, which is more valuable that a fat check book
and I have people who read my blog
What more could a man want on a clear blue high mountain Saturday?

What do you want from your day today?


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I see that your prayers have been answered...your son is getting better, the forest fire is out, you are loved and you have the best chainsaw made.

God blessed you.

Barbara said...

Today - Finish my short to do list and hang out with my family.

BarBarA said...

a hug

Tia said...

That was a beautiful list David. Thanks for making your gratitude contagious today. =)

Hi from Michele!

David said...

A in P, I do love ma Stihl chainsaw!
Barbara, Visit with your family, good choice,
bar bar a - a hug sent your way!
tia, thanks for the visit

C said...

Awesome outlook on life.

Killired said...

what a wonderful post... honestly... inspiring to me... thanks!