Thursday, September 21, 2006

boycott Citgo Gasoline

when Hugo Chavez came to our soil
and uses his speech at the UN to
insult us and call our president the devil,
he went too far.
Screw Venezuela and their oil.
let it back up in the pipelines and their economy go bust.
Citgo gasoline stations are now the subject of agrass roots boycott
in my town its sold at 7-11
I was there ready to fill er up, when I saw the symbol
"Citgo" I stopped the pump at 2 gallons, just enough to get home and later, to another station.

I amdone with dictators insulting us and then profitting from us.
Hugo, you got to go!

Boycott Citgo. don't buy citgo gas or shop in the minimarkets there!
Just say NO to citgo and latin American marxism.


Bar Bar A said...


Joe said...

I think a boycott of Citgo is a good way to make a statement, but it will not hurt Citgo in the least. Every bit of the oil they would have sold to us they will sell anyway.

It is STILL a good idea.

David said...

Joe, i think it is the refined Gas that we are after, and driving them backward in market share.
make them hurt, even in the short term. Thank you for your consideration!

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me. We don't have Citgo here, but thank you for making me aware!

C said...

That's probably how they feel about us. The media can sure make us enemies fast. God unites - maybe we should not be so quick to judge.

Killired said...

i dont know where we have citgo's here... i'll have to google it!

Smooth said...

David, I'm with you. I'm all for the US to get out of the UN as well. The building should be torn down and a memorial should be erected in its place - a memorial to RIGHTEOUSNESS and MORALITY - the two things that the UN never manifests. The UN is a blight on the NYC skyline which, with no coincidence, was destroyed on 9-11 by the same communist and fascist monsters who currently inhabit it.

Prego said...

The "dictator" was freely and democratically elected by the Venezuelan people. My Venezuelan grandmother is receiving a pension for the first time in her life, and I believe our leaders have made it a habit to cast aspersions on other coutries or figures, such as "mad man", "axis of evil".

As far as profiting... I guarantee the US has had their hands in the Venezuelan cookie jar for decades. Chavez is just putting the lid back on.

While I respect your opinion and decision to boycott Citgo gas, I'd hope that you respect my opinion that our a**hole president deserves the moniker.

Viva la revoluciĆ²n.

I hope you enjoy paying $3.35 per gallon, in the meanwhile.


Here via michele.

David said...

um prego, Jimmy carter helped "certify " the election, what does that tell us? and we are down to $2.99 here in the mountains, no doubt due to big oil helping to keep their friends in power, (gag) i am glad for your grandmothers pension, and I posted your comment because you had the courage to send it with your name.
God bless the USA and God bless George W. Bush, a strong man, with a strong faith, doing a great job in the toughest of times.

Prego said...

It tells us that he was voted in legitimately... Which is more than I can say for your 'strong man' in 2000.

David said...

hey, Joe, where you gonig with that gas nozzle in your hand ( song)

$2.57 a gallon in the desert and 5 weeks til the election... hahahha

and 7-11 corp decides this week to stop buying Citgo brand gas, saying it had little to do with the boycott, now THAT is funny