Friday, August 04, 2006

My life in words

3 days of grace
35 hours of work
300 miles of driving
thousands of beads of sweat wiped from brow
to remove old shower and
then some framing to gain 1 inch extra room
have termite guys out "for a look"
new trap drain in floor
concrete patch
mix 50 lbs of mortar to level shower pan
Solder in new shower valve, NO leaks
insulate water pipes
hang wonderboard, glued and screwed
set 60 square feet of tile - with an interesting design
23 feet of trim
4 hours of grouting the joints
one almost complete glass door (Grrrrrrrrr!)
all worth it? You bet!
I was too tired to take a picture
so trust me
My friend gets one brand new tiled shower - priceless!


Vickie said...

i love the way you write david. Michelle told me I should come and visit you and let me tell ya, was she ever right!

Have a great shower!!!

jel said...

hope you have a great weekend!

Im Chele In LA said...

just as good as the commercials..
great job
Over from the other Michele

Malinda777 said...

What a nice friend you are.

And...WHEW!! Job finally done...priceless :)

Tracie said...

That is great!! I'm glad that Michele sent me by to see you.

Happy Birthday!

C said...

That's labor poetry.

scrappintwinmom said...

Wow. Lucky friend. Can you come do that at my house? We're pretty clueless over here. Here via Michele.

moon said...

U just have to add pics eventually lol..we all want to see the end product.
Here from Micheles

byHisgracealone said...

And back home safely !

Odat said...

Just came to visit here for the first time..Thanks for've touched my heart..

TamWill said...

What a trek, 300 miles and a long list of things to do!

A friend like you....priceless :)

cyndy said...

Great weekend to you. David.
I'm here from Michele.
Sounds like you are a darn good friend.

Azgreeneyes said...

ugh, we just finished our bathroom as well. Congrats onmaking it with your sanity! (I'm assuming from the wonderful way you wrote!)

Here from Michele's

David said...

you can stay sane- IF you do this all fast and it's very familiar work - and if your charge a fair price for your work. ( yes this was a paying job)
I cant do the "will work for food" thing anymore, I lost my cardboard sign.

Viamarie said...

Love your words. Blessings!!!

mar said...

Oh, I want to get rid of the bathtub and leave only a shower...but I am afraid of those workers coming in...
Here via Michele's this time. Come again, I love your comments!!!

archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Hard work can be very rewarding. Hope to see a picture in the future.

Dak-Ind said...

i love the way you did this prose, just one question.... it was YOUR birthdya, how come the friend got the new shower!?!

hello from michele

sage said...

here from Michele's. Thanks for helping a friend!

Melody said...

Would have loved to see a photo David! *giggle giggle*

I'm here via Michele today...