Sunday, August 06, 2006

its still good

you know what?
I still really enjoy David Bowie's music.
it is rich, it is outrageous, it is musically interesting
and very entertaining.

So glad there is a tribute band
that is accessible, genuine, and makes a decent effort at
presenting classic Glam rock music
but also doing their own thing and having a fun time doing it.


mar said...

Good Morning! Michele sent me this early ...Oh, David Bowie *sigh*

jel said...

did ya have a good time!

have a great day!

phoenix said...

I am still jealous ;-)

Glad you had some fun time.

vickie said...

Let's dance to David Bowie's fame. Rock on David!

Shelley said...

I was never into David Bowie...but I do remember hearing him sing a Christmas song with Bing Crosby (forget the song though offhand) that was good.

Snaggle Tooth said...

The last tribute show I made it to was "Beatle-mania" n it was great! (I don't get out much lately) They study all the sounds n moves so well it's amazing!
David Bowie is a true classic, I remember the old clips from MTV n HBO when I had many cable channels in the early '80's.

I wonder what a tix to a real Bowie show would cost...

Oh, n congrats (n on BD too)!

kristen said...

here via michele -

david bowie - most excellent! and how could you NOT still ike bowie? he's one in a million.