Friday, July 30, 2010

God, you feel good!

the early morning sun
my face caresses
warming much more than skin
the joy my face expresses
is unbounded
knowing no pain
or hint of darkness

pure energy, it becomes
peace like a pool of water
spread in the midst of the desert
comfort and blessing
restoring my harried mind
cooling the heat
quieting the confusion
allowing me to just be

I have nowhere to go
no one to worry about
I am a child, playing
on a green grassy slope
watching the clouds as I am laying
where time as the sky floats by.


Shane said...

there's always something magical about the sunrise - i think you captured it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I followed your comment at my place back are an incredible writer and have a beautifully unique perspective.

Thanks for the visit.

Joy said...

Hi! Michele's blog sent me here. I like the poetry you have..

Dawn Falcone said...

The sun is truly a gift! Here from Michele.

jel said...

I like this one ! :)

take care

panthergirl said...

Ahh... this one is a little happier than yesterday's!

Here via michele.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Here from Michele's again.

bobealia said...

Oh, how I wish I felt this way today. I feel so harried. Frustrated, Bored, Pissed-Off, and Busy. Bad combo. Thanks for the glimpse into something else.
Here from Michele's.

Michelle said...

Beautiful poem!

Michele snet me!

kenju said...

I love the early morning sun too, David and here lately, the early morning sun is about all I can stand, since out temps are hovering in the 95+ range, with heat indices of 105 and above. I love hot weather - but this is too much!

Michele sent me.

Mike said...

Very Nice!!

Michele sent me.

BarBarA said...


Jayleigh said...

love it