Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rolling down the rocky slope

NEWS: (which I hardly ever put here)

Hannah (daughter 15yrs old) had a off-road accident.
While riding on the back of a quad
she and her friend went off the trail and down a very steep
incline, rolling and bouncing and losing her helmet on the way
she cut her scalp above the hairline, and has major 'road rash' several places
and was showing signs of a concussion, but is feeling much better today
Signs of 'much better': she is upset I am keeping her home from church.
her friend took a harder fall and broke her wrist ( likely)
and a lower vertebrae ( is that a tailbone?)
Both of them are very sore, and very lucky!
dad came through it alright, with some help from caring friends that
kept me from being too angry for too long.

they hurt and kill too many kids, with hardly any restrictions on who can ride them and required equipment. see I am still a bit PO'ed


ribbiticus said...

oh, boy. you must have been frantic with worry. glad to hear she came off with no major injuries. you may be right about the quads. there should be restrictions for safety's sake.

michele says hi! ;)

Carmi said...

Thank goodness her injuries were't more severe. I've heard too many horror stories related to kids and quads and ATVs/ATCs.

There's a very strong movement here in Ontario to have kids banned from using them outright. I'm heavily inclined to agree, because even one tragedy is too many.

You and your daughter will be in my thoughts. May she have a quick, easy recovery.

Barbara said...

David - I would be mad too.

Ms Knowitall said...

Thank God they are safe.

From Michele's.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry to hear Hannah had injuries, I hope she's soon recovered, n decides to pass on the next ride offer. I got scalp stiches when I was 10, myself- with big head-aches (diving)!

I always have cringed at the thought of these vehicles, after watching roll-over accidents on a news show awhile back, n my girls weren't ever tempted.
My cousins used to have mini-bikes out in the maine woods, n I thought that was pretty dangerous after a short ride on one too- I'm not big on 4-wheelin either. So much damage can be done so fast!
I also had friends who did the dirt-bike race circuit as a family activity, (60 n 80 hsp bikes) who did just fine. (I painted a helmet for them) So it's a matter of caution, safe driving, good tracks to drive, n properly fitting helmet pads.
You're right about the safety issues, especially with Quads.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! This accident sounds terrible. I have a cousin who had a terrible wreck on an ATV. Unfortunately, he will never "be right." Severe brain damage. God was looking out for those girls. I'll say thanks for Him watching over them tonight.

Theo said...

nothing gets my defenses up like my kids being hurt. can't blame you.

Michele sent me.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

I hope she is feeling better soon.

Hello Michele sent me.

phoenix said...

David, try to look at the brighter side of this? Maybe now she will be over wanting to ride again. I know you are angry... but you must remember that she is ok, she survived with minimum injuries, and you still have her with you.

This scares the dickens out of me as well. My 13 y.o. is a speed demon freak. I have refused so far to allow him on one of those things.

Debbie said...

Hi David,
Sorry to hear about Hannah's accident. Tough way to start the summer. I hope she's out and about feeling better soon. Take care of her and you my sweet friend.

Jayleigh said...

Oh how scary! Will be praying for all of you if she goes out again!!!

Jim said...


I'm so glad that Hannah is going to be OK.
As you know our 24 year-old son Jimmy wasn't so fortunate with his off-roading accident last August, on Forest Road 2N02, between here and Pioneertown, and a few weeks later another young local carpenter went over the same embankment and lost his life.
Let's hope Hannah learned from this experience and finds safer more environmentally friendly ways to have fun.
Jimmy has the rest of his life to think about the one little mistake he made that cost him his eyesight.
It's not worth it Hannah...
Believe me.

David said...

hi - her head injury is still of concern today Tuesday- please pray for her to get better, she has school and finals - and its so hard to get her to rest enough.....

byHisgracealone said...

Praying for your continued wisdom and guidance and Hannah's healing...

Carol said...

Dear David,
I will pray for her continued healing.
I am glad to hear though that she wanted to go to the church service.

Barbara said...

How's your daughter doing? Is she okay?

Killired said...

sorry to hear about the accident and glad they are ok! i know what you mean about kids and quads... any kind of a steep hill, whether going up or down and you might as well kiss it goodbye... it'll roll on you for sure!