Saturday, June 10, 2006

Doctor my eyes - help me if you can.

Thanks to Jackson Brown for today's title - not sure what to do with it, here but I will try my best to use it as a springboard.

My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord in the shafts of silver sunlight streaming down from pewter clouds. It is a sight that never fails to make me ask Him, "when, Lord are you returning for your people?"

My eyes have also seen so much sadness, the tears of a child, as fear or pain takes away their natural joy. ( yes I believe JOY was meant to be our natural state) When you are sad I am sad too, for my world is about you. If I were alone that is not a world, that is a prison and I can not return there. I am in the world to beautify the world and there is no greater beauty than a happy face, a contented soul, a spirit free from worry, doubt, fear. Where I can, I will sow seeds of security, and say words of blessing and comfort, for the world is sorely lacking such.

My eyes have stared into a wall and seen nothing, remaining out of focus, so as to let the mind wander and release all the cares that were buzzing about my head like a swarm of bees on a field of flowers in the heat of summer.

My eyes when I die will be donated for use by another, for I believe the gift of sight is precious beyond valuation. My father's eyes were donated, and I hope that what they saw after he stopped using them was beauty, and a smiling face.


Courtney said...

Thank you, David.

danelle said...

A spirit free from worry...what I wouldn't give for that.

(Michele sent me - hi!)

phoenix said...

I wonder if you know just how special you really are. Hugssssss

Jayleigh said...

When we are communing with and worshipping the Master, we can feel His love and we radiate joy. THAT is how we were made to be.

Have a great weekend, Friend.

colleen said...

I lost two brothers and after that I looked through life through their eyes as well as my own.

Michele sent me over.

yellojkt said...

Being an organ donor is a great thing. I have my new ACL because of an organ donor. I am very grateful for it.

Tracie said...

I think it is a beautiful thing to be an organ doner....sight-what a wonderful gift!

Here via Michele.

mar said...

Organ donor,yes!
Michele sent me :)

keda said...

yes a great gift.

nice post.
i always hope that i die somewhere where bits of me can be of some use too. turkey's not great for that sadly. so lets hope its a long time from now back in europe proper or america :)