Sunday, April 02, 2006


A message from John, chapter 6. Proclaimed in our church today:

"after hearing these things, many of the disciples followed him no more."

I am not worried about having followers, nor that people take much notice of what I say. It would be better if they took note of the things Jesus said.
Which things matter from the many that Jesus is recorded as having said?
All his words matter, but some more than others.
When he was asked how to enter the Kingdom of God, he was very specific, and direct, and some would say that his thinking was narrow, exclusive and harsh.
Never did he fail to love the ones who came to him. Never did he offer them some second class of disciplieship, for there was only one choice: follow me, never look back, and think nothing of any obstacle that may seem to be in your path. There was one choice then, there is one choice now.
I question my own commitment to him based on these words I heard today. Am I following Jesus, or wandering on the edge of a crowd, hoping they will think I belong here? Jesus knows me, I am glad of that. He owns me, and His spirit is transforming me. If I did not doubt my own sincerity, I would consider myself worse off for that.

I wrote this for myself, if it touches you, tell God, and tell those around you.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice notes to self for a Sunday.
I got to spend many years studying the words in the New Book. What I believe the J meant by his example is my religion.
The Golden Rule- If ya treat everyone as you wish to be treated with no exceptions, the rest of being good will follow naturally...

Unfortunately I've been working with kids with no respect, still I must treat them with the respect I wish from them, very difficult sometimes! I bet they think I'm such a sucker for punishment, but I'm just living the rule-

keda said...

hi. i'm here via michele again.

i love the coffee post below. and the one below that... i drink mine black, but may try the inner udder thing just once.

i believe god and jesus know me too. and love me as i love them. i don't follow any crowd but question constantly my motives.. and i know spreading love, kindness and compassion is the best we can do while we are here.

nice to be here again. and interesting.

goodnight. and i hope this month goes well after all.

keda said...

i'm here via michele again and its good to be back.

i love the last 2 posts on coffee and the scatter shot... i drink mine black but could try milk for once and discover my inner udder..

god loves me as i love him, and he knows me pretty well too so its quite amazing! and i know that spreading compassion, understanding, tolerance, and kindness are the best things i can do while i'm here. and opposing the dangers of selfishness and complacency go along side.

we are fortunate. and i am thankful.

i hope this month goes well for you and you find yourself generally lacking in mouse!

Plain Jane said...

Here from Michelle's.

Joe said...

It did and I did. Thanks.

Jade said...

Back again to say hello.

fl13grl said...

Wow. That was wonderful! :)

Melli said...

I do believe that if you truly DO believe you also DO follow. I think the real issue that will answer your "question" of your own commitment is to answer this. When you pray, do you more often ask for YOUR will to be done -- or His will? And do you more often pray to ask for something ... or to praise Him and thank Him? If you more often ask for His will, and praise and thank Him... then you are probably following directly in his path. If not, you might be hanging on the outskirts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I mentioned to my hubby your suggestion for the chasing... he thought that was a GREAT idea! :)

Plumkrazzee said...

I love this. And I love you, too. =)