Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i really do know what time it is (chicago)

I really don't know what day it is, I do, however, know what time it is.

Something about my bio clock
it is ALWAYS on, and very accurate.
This is because I do not use an electric clock in my room
or a watch on my wrist. I wake at almost the same hour each day
and get out of my big warm bed pretty soon after that.
I can be awake for eighteen hours, then sleep for six or seven hours
and as soon as the sky is lighting with the dawn, I become aware of it, and rouse myself.

I obviously live in a specific luxury that allows for me to wait for the sun to wake me. I know very well that not many people can enjoy this. Being in touch with a natural rythym is less likely the closer you get to big cities and large amounts of concrete and buildings that are made to keep nature away.
My home has little insulation in the loft where I sleep, giving me a chance to hear the wind blow, and the rain or hail bouncing of the roof inches above my head. I am working toward putting in more insulation this summer so I don't bake up here when the days are long and the sun is high.

I wanted to say that I woke today and did not know what day it was, since Hannah does not need me to drive her to school ( Easter break) and I worked it pretty hard yesterday in Santa Monica doing an assortment of jobs in my sister Laurel's fashionable home near the beach. It turned out to be a great day for myself and my friend Gary. Somehow we got to Los Angeles, and back here without being crashed into by a load of Illegals, or a twenty-something yakking incessantly on a cell phone. Any day I get home from the Los Angeles freeways is a good day.
Getting to pee on the side of the highway, surrounded only by tall pines makes the good day even better.


Jade said...

Hi David. You make your loft sound lovely with the sights and sounds of nature. You are right it isn't the same in the city. Still I own an old house thus the sounds of nature are close, they are however decorated with the sounds of mechanical things that are less enticing. I wake with the dawn but don't sleep with the dusk. I love the moon as much as the sun. Enjoy the rain.

Barbara said...

You live an interesting and unique life David.